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¡óTitle of the research proposal



I planned this topic for researching in terms of three factors. First of all,

internet banking is an innovation in financial field nowadays; second, the

scale of internet banking has been enlarging rapidly all over the world; third,

internet banking increasingly closes to people's lives. The principal

literature sources from some main banks in China which have been developing

this operation such as China Merchants Bank, Bank of China, and China

Construction Bank. According to OCC, internet banking is defined as pointing

some systems that through utilizing these systems, the bank customers pass the

PC or other intelligent devices to enter the bank account and get the general

bank products and service information. Some other banks defined it as a real-

time solution that allows you to access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a

week; you may check your balances and transaction history for such accounts as

checking, savings, money market and even mortgage.

Compared with traditional bank, internet bank has further predominant

characteristic. In the first place, it causes financial services

standardisedly, individualized and synthetically; in the second place, it impel

the deep change in the financial competition pattern; furthermore, it makes

branch of industry more interdependency; last of all, internet bank benefits to

bring into play its merits of information, and improve the transparency of the


As regards operation area of internet bank, there are three primary areas:

the services of traditional commercial bank; pay-online; new operation field.

The domestic banks for developing internet banking are optimistic. In April,

1997, China Merchants Bank was the first one for developing this operation.

Following it, other banks have it subsequently. As a result, more than 200

branches of 20 banks have this operation nowadays. At the same...