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Respect is something that should be given by everybody and everybody should return the same amount of respect. Respect is listening to another person's idea, gathering their thoughts, and then when they are finished then stating your opinion on the matter. Respect is not listening to somebody and then bursting in with your point of view. While I am giving this speech hopefully you as my peers are treating me with respect and not interrupting while I am giving my speech. Respect is something that is very hard to build yet easy to destroy.

Respect is something that is easy to give and can help you get a lot farther in life. Respect should be learned and practiced all through life. It can sometimes be not giving certain people your opinion and respecting their personal space. Respect should be shown to all people regardless of age, race, or stature.

Respect is gained through different experiences you or other go through. For example, if you meet a person that treats people with respect you automatically gain respect for that person because of their character. On the other hand you meet a person that hits and bad talks his wife you automatically lose respect for that person due to their rude character.

Respect is such a simple thing to do yet many people treat people without respect. It is a mutual thing that revolves around a give and take relationship. Respect is a word that can be interpreted in many ways, but to me it means treating others with common courtesy. Thank you for your time a respect you have shown during this paper.