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Josey-Leone Pidd

Ms. Crupi

Othello Creative

Act 4 Scene 2

Othello: You haven't seen anything then?

Emilia: No, and I haven't seen or heard anything either that I should be suspicious of.

Othello: Yes you have seen Casio and Desdemona together.

Emilia: Yes but I didn't see any harm done, and I heard everything that they said to each other.

Othello: Did they ever whisper?

Emilia: No, they didn't my Lord.

Othello: Or ask you to leave them to be alone?

Emilia: No they didn't

Othello: Not even to get her gloves, he mask, or anything?

Emilia: No, nothing.

Othello: That's strange.

Emilia: I promise to you Othello, that she is an honest woman and would do anything to hurt you. If anyone has tried to convince you that she's bad I hope god punishes him. If she isn't honest and true than there is no such thing as a happy couple.

Othello: Tell you to come here, go.

Emilia Exits

Othello: She says all the right things, but and maid would say the same thing. Desdemona is a tricky whore who would do harm, but still kneel and act like she hasn't done anything wrong, I've seen her do it.

Desdemona: My Lord, what do you want?

Othello: Please come here.

Desdemona: What can I do for you?

Othello: Come here and let me look at your face.

Desdemona: What horrible things are you thinking about?

Othello: (to Emilia) go do what you do best and leave, and shut the door behind you.

Desdemona: I can tell you are mad, please tell me what you mean by what you are saying.

Othello: Why would I? Who do you think you are?

Desdemona: I am your loyal and true wife.

Othello: Go ahead...