Respiratory Mneumonics

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Bronchiectasis: differential

BRONCHIECTASIS: Bronchial cyst Repeated gastric acid aspiration Or due to foreign bodies Necrotizing pneumonia Chemical corrosive substances Hypogammaglobulinemia Immotile cilia syndrome Eosinophilia (pulmonary) Cystic fibrosis Tuberculosis (primary) Atopic bronchial asthma Streptococcal pneumonia In Young's syndrome Staphylococcal pneumonia Show Details / Rate It ---Benson Moses Benjamin JSS Medical College Mysore India

Bronchiectasis: causes

A SICK AIRWAY: Airway lesion, chronic obstruction Sequestration Infection, inflamation Cystic fibrosis Kartagners syndrome Allergic brochopulmonary aspergilliosis Immunodeficiencies (hypogammaglobinaemia, myeloma, lymphoma) Reflux, inhalation injury William Campbell syndrome (and other congenitals) Aspiration Yellow nail syndrome/ Young syndrome Show Details / Rate It ---Mr. LW Mason 4th Year Medical Student

Respiratory disease: hand signs

CASH: Clubbing Asterixis Small muscle wasting HPOA Show Details / Rate It ---Sushant Varma Medical student, University of Sheffield, UK

Clubbing: respiratory causes

ABCDEF: Abcess (lung) Bronchiectasis (including CF) Cancer (lung) Decreased oxygen (hypoxia) Empyaema Fibrosing alveolitis Show Details / Rate It ---Anonymous Contributor

Pulmonary edema: treatments

MAD DOG: Morphine Aminophylline Digitalis Diuretics Oxygen GGases in blood (ABG's) Show Details / Rate It ---Anonymous Contributor

Acute stridor: differential

ABCDEFGH: · With fever: Abscess Bacterial tracheitis Croup Diphtheria Epiglottitis · Without fever: Foreign body Gas (Toxic Gas) Hypersensitivity Show Details / Rate It ---Anthony Chan Chinese University of Hong Kong

Pulmonary edema: treatment

LMNOP: Lasix Morphine Nitrates (NTG) Oxygen Position (upright vs. flat) Show Details / Rate It ---Jeff Gilfor, M.D.

Hemoptysis: causes

HEMOPTYSIS: Haemorrhagic diathesis Edema [LVF due to mitral...