Response To “Who Has It Harder, Women Or Men?”

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The first thing that I noticed about the three essays ("The Girls of Gen X" by Barbara Whitehead, "The War Against Boys" by Christina Sommers, and "The Future of Men" by Susan Faludi) was that women wrote them all. I began mentally preparing myself for the usual feminists propaganda that truly sickens me. Not that I'm sexist, I just think that turning women into men is a bad idea. They are clear differences that should be embraced, not ignored. These politically correct forces should think of one of their other favorite words: diversity. I knew that I needed to do well in this class, so I brushed my second thoughts aside and drove into the first essay.

After reading the first essays about the author, I realized that this might not be so bad. By the time it was finished I was a little excited to go on to the next one.

This one was also very interesting, bringing up legitimate points about changes in our culture. The third essay was a disappointment to me. It suggested that men should conform to the feminists (if you can't beat them, join them). This essay was very short, so the pain was brief. All of the essays used stories and numbers that would be questioned by any statistician, but that is not the point. The point is to accurately depict the culture in a way people can relate and respond to.

The first essay was my favorite, and the second one was also worth my while. They all were well written, and really seemed to target me as their audience. By the end of the readings, I felt like I was a little more enriched in a subject that I feel is a specialty of mine. With a result like that I walked away happy.