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No Escape, by Norah McClintock is a story told from the perspective of Chloe Yan, a teenage girl about the age of 15-16. To begin with, the story begins in an appealing and exciting way with, Chloe introducing the characters, such as Kyle Dark, Phoebe, Ross, and so on. From what is described the novel takes place in East Hastings Ontario. Chloe has a sister named Brynn Yan who lives in Montreal; Chloe also has a half sister Phoebe Levesque. Chloe's father was an Asian, and her mother is Canadian; her step father, Phoebe's father, Louis Levesque is a Canadian and East Hastings Chief of Police.

The story starts off with, Chloe being at school and describing Kyle Dark as a shy, quite guy who barely talks, who is tall with long black hair. At the school we also meet the other characters (secondary characters). Given it is a small town, everyone knows every one, since they have all been in each others classes more than once.

This reminded me about the old neighborhood l used to live in, where everyone knew each other and their business. The way l felt about every one knowing almost every thing about me made me feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but, after a while l got use to it and it was pretty nice since every one knows each other and you can talk to everyone, any where you go.

Moreover, an important family so far is the Tyson family. There are nice people who seem to be way to over protective of their daughter, Terri Tyson, if you don't know them. Caleb Dark is the main reason they are over protective since, every one thinks he attacked her and gave her brain damage putting her in a...