Response to Marilyn Manson's Essay; Columbine: Whose Fault Is It?

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Marilyn Manson's article on Columbine is in defense of himself concerning the blame from the media for the shootings in Littleton, Colorado. The points he brought up in his defense impressed me. I never really expected him to have that kind of outlook on things. There were a few controversial points that I was shocked to have seen brought up, like religion. He is the self proclaimed Antichrist and bringing religion into such a heated subject to begin with was very gutsy. Overall I think that his main point is that art, namely music, is not to blame for society's problems. Instead we should look into our values and teaches as a country.

In his essay, Marilyn Manson points out that as a race, humans are not perfect. From the beginning, the Bible tells that that we are sinners and killers. The Bible also gives rise to groupies and followers of celebrities, starting with biblical leaders.

He also points out that War has been a huge part of our society since civilization began, but more recently with bombs and retaliation on countries that do not fit our standards as a country. Another good point that caught my eye was that all over the country guns are in the homes of so many families. Huge rifles for hunting to small handguns for "protection" are not uncommon in our society, making weapons easily available to our nation's youth. One point that he makes clear that I personally strongly agree with is that the media doesn't really do anything to hinder our youth from outrageous behavior. The media swarmed the incident at Columbine making it widely known and gave explicit details during and after the shootings. After that incident many others of the same nature occurred around the country. Where do you...