A response to a poem called "Mid Term Break" by Seamus Heavey

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“Mid-Term Break”Many people enjoy reading poems as they release energy and reflect the feelings of the writer at a particular moment. Every single poem is a story which is written to teach us about something. While reading it we make connections with our own experience in life.

One of the very important things in the poem is the title, as most of the time the context of the poem can be comprehended through it. When I firstly looked at the title “Mid-Term Break” in class, I thought the poem was going to be about a story that took place during a school vacation. However later when reading the poem, I couldn’t find anything that could support the title. That is why I’ve decided that Seamus Heavey made a difference and called his poem according to something else rather than the context.

When I took a first glance at the poem I understood only one thing – someone in the poem got hit by the car, the rest of the poem was still a little confusing.

The second time I read it (this time more carefully) I began to underline the words and phrases I didn’t comprehend. In addition I started to analyze and make connections with something I knew myself. I noticed that the poet used the words pram and cot, which are synonyms and this may mean that the story is connected to a baby.

In addition the punctuation of the poet is professionally used, because he continues the sentence even though he had already started a new line. That is why we have to be careful while reading it out loud. For instance,“…Away at school, as my mother held my handIn hers and coughed out angry tearless sighs.”I noticed that the poet...