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P.9 -“”the yellow star? Oh well, what of it? You don’t dies of it. . . .” (Poor Father! Of what then did you die?)”I think that the yellow star that the Jews were forced to wear, brought up on page 9 of Night, is a very important part of this book. First off, this quote foreshadows his father’s death later in the book. It means that though his thought being identified as a Jew wouldn’t harm him, but in the end being Jewish is what killed him. I think this is very important. It shows that even though people knew of the war and what was going on to Jews they could not comprehend that the fact that they are Jewish is what would eventually kill them.

Another important thing about the stars of David that the Jews were forced to wear is the humiliation.

At first the Nazis only made the Jews where these stars to identify the Jews. But then the Nazis saw the people of the towns starting to go against the Jews, and with the Nazis. This encouraged the Nazis even more, making the rules against the Jews stricter.

p- 34-35: These 2 pages discuss the change in Elie. Elie has only been in a camp for only one night and he changed already. He says,” the child that I was, had been consumed by flames. There remained only a shape that looked like me.” This is a very important part of the book. It is the first large change in Elie. It’s the change of boy of the bible to an empty body whose only purpose was to try to survive. This change occurred from his first night at the camp. As soon as...