Restuarant Business Plan

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A Full Service Restaurant and Bar


Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 3

1.1. Objectives 4

1.2. Mission 4

2. Products 5

3. Market Survey 5

3.1. Customer Forecast 6,7,8

4. Strategy and Implementation Summary 9

4.1. Competitive Edge 9

4.1.1. Main Competitors 9

4.2. Marketing Strategy 10

4.3. Sales Strategy 10

4.3.1. Pricing and Profitability 11

4.3.2. Sales Forecast 12

5. Management Summary 15

5.1. Personnel Plan 15

6. Financial Plan 16

6.1. Important Assumptions 17

6.1.1. Other Current Assets 20

6.2. Break-even Analysis 20

6.3. Projected Profit and Loss 22

6.4. Projected Cash Flow 25

6.5. Projected Balance Sheet 28

6.6. Exit Strategy and Risk 31

1. Executive Summary

The Seasons Restaurant and Bar will require $200,000 in start up funding. The owners will contribute $50,000 as paid-in capital, and are seeking a conventional loan $150,000 to complete their start up financing. Start up funds will be utilized to pay for lease, purchase equipment and inventory, pay labor, and cover all general, marketing, and administrative costs for the first six months of operations.

The restaurant is expected to generate positive net earnings in the fifth month of the first year of operations.

Seasons will capitalizes on a low number of competing restaurants in the same area, a growing population with higher-than-average household income in the region, and a large business population located within a 3 to 10 mile radius. The restaurant is positioned as a high-value dining experience with interesting, fresh health conscious meals offered in the $25 per person price category. The restaurant caters to families, singles, and business clientele. The bar caters to singles and business clientele. The restaurant menu offers a California Cuisine menu, with a moderately upscale ambiance.

The establishment is owned and operated by four friends who together have over 20...