Reverse Discrimination and Affirmative Action

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(warning:very opinionated!!) Major issues surrounding affirmative action question if this policy violates individual rights or if its necessary in creating an equal society. Affirmative action is a program that takes the sex or race of an individual into account when hiring, giving collage scholarships est. in order to balance the number of minorities and whites. The moral issues for this heated topic of debate include whether affirmative action produces illegal quotas, gives favored treatment to minorities, or if this is indeed a reverse discrimination against whites.

Those in favor of affirmative action believe this policy is necessary in establishing an equal society in the United States. They argue that this program makes it less of a competition between whites and minorities. They argue also that it is reparation for past miss deeds. They make and cases for the fact that many minorities live in substandard areas and are subject to bad leaning environments, there fore are exempt form the rules that bound the rest of us.

"All men are created equal" was engorged in the early years of this country, slavery and women's suffrage being two prime examples. We live in a time where society likes to think that discrimination is a thing of the past. However critics of affirmative action say that this is not the case, they propose that granting special privilege to minorities is in fact not treating people equally. They feel that the only way to end discrimination is to end affirmative action.

In my opinion affirmative action is wrong and should be made illegal. The constitution states that all men are created equal; affirmative action does not satisfy this. What affirmative action suggests is that people are not equal and that based on race or sex you are compensated to help...