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I saw, "Frankie and Johnny." This play was about a cook who was trying to get with a waitress at his restaurant. It took place in her apartment. It's a pretty modern play and can be identified with easily. There are only two roles throughout the entire play, which made it easy to follow. I liked this play for the most part, probably because it was directed by a genius and it was free. Free is good on a college budget.

The actors did a great job. They rally knew their lines and they did not hesitate to show some emotion. I like Frankie's role the best because she keeps leading on Johnny and then turns him down, I find that kind of funny. I was waiting for someone to forget a line or two or mess up in some form, but nothing happened, to my knowledge at least.

The props where great. One thing I didn't like about the play was when Johnny started to cook eggs, I could smell them and that made me really hungry. I could tell that the kitchen light was not rigged up on the string, but who is watching for that kind of stuff anyway. The apartment looked great. I thought the props in the No-show where good, but they don't hold a candle to these. Whoever did it took their time and did a good job.

The lights were pretty good as well. I think they could have been a little better, but they were for sure good enough for a rehearsal. The lights always faded and came back on when they were supposed to as far as I know. The sound was good as well. Maybe a few more background sounds like a squeaky floor and some loud neighbors or something within those lines. The announcer on the radio did a good job. He sounded just like they all do, it was great.

I defiantly would not say I didn't enjoy the play but it did seem rather long. I guess the Value of the play can't be taken lightly. I got out of it that you should not give up, no matter how bad things get, they can always get better, or worse.