Revolutionary War Advantages: Did America Win the War or England Lose the War

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It is common knowledge that The United States of America began after winning its independence from Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. The odds were stacked high against the colonists, who somehow managed to pull off a stunning upset of the British. Although, how the war was actually won is up for speculation. Whether or not the Americans triumphed by winning the war themselves, or won by Britain fumbling away there chance to defeat the revolutionists is in question. A definite amount of luck played a part for the Americans, along with the fact that England lies across the Atlantic Ocean from the coast of North America. Also, certain actions and reactions by generals, militants, and political figures played a role in the outcome of the war. I think that the war was won by the Americans rather than lost by the British because of the efficiency used with their resources, the strategies they used, and for all of the pieces coming together at the right time for the Americans.

The Americans were very smart in the usage of the resources they possessed, but especially with personnel. The colonists used a small amount of help from Tuscarora and Oneida Indians, and assistance from frontiersman like George Rogers Clark. This help for the Americans on the frontier helped keep hostile Indians at bay and prevented any stoppage of westward expansion. Second, the Americans used the help of slaves for fighting against the English. It is estimated that the number of slaves who served in the revolution was upwards of 5,000 men. Thirdly, the Patriots received an immense amount of help from France, and also aid from Spain and Holland. For about two and a half years, almost all of the gunpowder and firearm supplies were provided by the French. France also...