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About seven months from the time RH bill became a law but still occupying a big space on the center stage questioning about its constitutionality. It way started from the notion of arguing that RH Law is an anti-life advocacy, which is for me, the reason why many Filipino of today tend to believe and leading people to oppose the implementation. And just a sort of opinion, RH Law for me should be viewed as one of the precautionary measures of the government in preserving and valuing the morality and safety of the mother and as well as the family. This is for me, RH Law talks about.

Upon reviewing the article of Joaquin Bernas, I was surprised when I knew that though he is a priest, still his stand is on supporting the RH Law. And it made a question in me that why this priest does supports the implementation of the RH law if he is working in the Catholic premise whom is the major opponent of the congress in implementing the said law.

For me, I am also a Christian, my devotion and my conviction to God is deeply rooted. But like Fr. Joaquin Bernas, I can see that there is no deleterious effect in implementing the said law. During my high school days, especially when I was in my fourth year in Notre Dame of Abuyog, a catholic school in Abuyog,( just to add), our mentors especially the OND sisters taught us that RH Law once being exercised is a crime against Christian moralities. So as a neophyte in the society, I tend to believe in this, just to be exact, I was an Anti- RH law since in my High school. The reasons were, aside from the values and ideas inculcated by my...