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The following document involves a rhetorical analysis of "The Piggy Pack Truck Tent set up instructions " found at their website (www.piggypack.com). Lakeland Enterprises designed this recreational tent and called it the "piggy pack" which attaches to most minivans, pickup trucks, and SUVs. Throughout this document I have identified the rhetorical situation and provide an analysis of ethos, pathos and logos used in the tent set up instructions.


David Schaefer is the owner and founder of Lakeland Enterprises LLC and is the author of The Piggy Pack Truck Tent set up instructions. Schaefer graduated from Indiana University and started his own company in 1996 selling vacation gear over the Internet. The purpose of the tent set up instructions is to show potential customers how easy the tent is to assemble, and also provides customers who have already purchased the product additional instructions.


The Piggy Pack Truck Tent set up instructions were written to target campers, travelers, and anybody who is looking to purchase outdoors gear.

This audience will use these instructions to make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to purchase the product based on the instructions.


The appeal to ethos is seen in the description of David Schaefer. Although this is not included in the instructions, it is located on the web page. David states he "graduated from Indiana University" and was "VP of sales" to establish credibility for himself. This credibility will make Schaefer more persuasive when he states "Truck tent set up is easy!" This statement implies that Schaefer knows the set up process is easy enough for anybody to do it. Since Schaefer has established credibility, the audience will be persuaded of this argument. Following the caption are easy instructions and pictures that show the reader...