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Richard Milhous Nixon ? Success or Failure Richard Milhous Nixon was the 37th president of the United States. Nixon began his political career upon his return from World War II. He was chosen by the California Republican Party to run for Congress. He defeated the five-term Congressman, Jerry Voorhis, with sixty percent of the vote. He then went on to win a Senate seat in 1950. He was in the U.S. Senate for only a year?and-a-half when, in 1952, he was chosen by the Republican convention to be Dwight D. Eisenhower?s running mate. Eisenhower won the election, and for two terms, Richard Nixon was Vice President of the United States. In 1960, Nixon himself was unanimously selected by the Republican convention to run for president. He lost to John F. Kennedy. He then lost a bid for Governor of California in 1962. He lost to incumbent Pat Brown.

Nixon?s political career seemed to be over, when, he was once again chosen by the Republican convention to run for President in 1968. Nixon was victorious over Hubert Humphrey. Nixon finally had a chance to achieve his goal of a lifetime. Nixon believed that, as President, he would become a great leader. It was a goal he spent most of his life trying to attain. He achieved some successes as President, but in the end, he left office in shame.

Nixon faced many challenges as he took office. At home, inflation was out of control. The stock market fell 36 percent between November 1968 and May1970. The unemployment rate was up to 6.6 percent by the end of 1970. Abroad, there was the unpopular Vietnam War. Nixon knew that the war had destroyed his predecessor. He felt that if he did not resolve the Vietnam War within his first...