Richard Speck: A Walking Time Bomb

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What kind of evil can convince a man to brutally murder eight nursing students? What was Richard Speck mental capacity at the time of the killings? How was his childhood life? People have long been interested in finding the reasons behind a killer behavior. My summary of Richard Speck will define the difference between mass murderers, spree killers and serial killers and reveal shocking answers to the questions above.

Multiple murderers fall within three categories - mass murderers, spree killers and serial killers. Mass Murderers: A mass murderer kills four or more people at one location during one continuous period of time, whether it is a few minutes or over a period of days. Spree Killers: Spree killers murders two or more victims, but at more than one location. Although their murders occur in separate locations, the spree is a single event, because there is no "cooling off" period between the murders.

Serial Killers: A serial killer murders three or more people, but each is killed on separate occasions. This is unlikely for mass murders and spree killers. Serial killers usually select their victims, having cooling off periods between murders, and they plan their crimes carefully.

On Saturday July 13, 1966 Richard Speck systematically murdered eight nursing students in their dormitory. He had been up all night at a bar drinking and getting high before he walked the 30min trip to the dormitory. He bribed the nurses into believing that all he wanted was money, but one of them spit in his face and caused him to unleash the time bomb. He tied all of them up and sexually and physically abused them one by one. One of the nurses by the name of Corazon Amurao survived Speck horrific attacks by hiding under a bed for a...