Robert Frost, Road Not Taken

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A Traveler Chooses Their Path Robert Frost, the author of "The Road Not Taken,"� writes about how a person must choose his or her own path in life. Everyone is a traveler, who must choose how to live his or her life. This poem demonstrates Robert Frost's belief that the road a person chooses to follow in their life will define what kind of person they will become, and how fulfilling their life will be. He describes the choice as difficult, and with consequences. He reminds the reader that their choice may not be popular. Furthermore, the reader is reminded that you cannot change the decision made after you have acted on it. Frost advises the reader that there is not an always a right or wrong choice, however the choices made will affect future choices. The reader is also informed that they may have regret about the road they choose to follow.

The title of this poem, "The Road Not Taken,"� implies a strong feeling of regret. I do not believe that was Robert Frost's intentions. I believe that this poem make a strong statement supporting the right choice. Frost does recognize that making the correct choice could be difficult. The road the traveler chooses may not be the easiest, however it is the may be most rewarding.

In the first stanza, Frost describes how difficult it is to make a decision about which road to choose. He states, "And sorry I could not travel both"¦"� This represents the struggle to make the right decision. The reader senses the traveler's regret. The decision seems impossible, because a person cannot help but wonder about the opportunities that would be missed if they choose the wrong path. In addition, it illustrates the speaker knowledge that in one's...