Rocking out Rapin in This essay is about the diffrent styles of rap and rock

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Rocking out Rapin in

The Beetles will forever be a flower in the gigantic garden of music. Aerosmith and other inspirational rock and roll groups will also have a place in the garden. On the other hand, rock has recently been stagnant; while a persistent and notorious genre has swept us away by its savvy ambiance and lifestyle. Rap has taken a mysterious lead in the music industry, despite rock and rolls every attempt to climb back to number one. Why is rap music taking over the music industry?

One theory is that rap and rock could be combined in most mainstream groups. Up and coming bands like Linkin Park have a synthetic beat mimicking rap, Linkin Park's lyrics rhyme identically to rap song. Linkin Park however, plays guitars and screams occasionally in a song. These antics would seldom be heard of in rap songs. This interesting style blends two of the best music genres collectively.

Rock and roll was once full of constant touring to new exciting venues, where groupies worshiped the rockers every emotion. In Contrast, rap has easily outlived that lifestyle. Rap has become the lifestyle and pop culture for America with a materialistic view. Rap artists drive custom cars that are worth more than most houses. Live in multi-million dollar estates in major cities. Wear expensive clothes with countless jewelry and diamonds. They have endless girls in their music videos with barely enough to cover themselves respectively. Hip-hop and rap have even begun to emerge with a new language.

Not only does rap seem to have the lifestyle of the rich and famous, rap is becoming more of a business than any other genre. Rap has more artists coming out with clothing lines and beverages of all types. They have their own record labels...