Roman Influences on Western Society (between Rome and Greece, without mentioning Greece)

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There have been many astonishing civilizations in the history of our planet and many have affected current day social order, but none so much as ancient Rome. American and Europe, western society, share a somewhat similar government as to Rome's astounding one and the certain "doggedness" that was viewed as a Roman virtue might easily be seen in the children of the west. Also, arts, architecture, and sciences are comparable to that of the Romans, and like the Romans, America borrows its ideas from other cultures and attempts to improve upon them, or at least structure them to fit the views of the people. Current day western religion, which is normally considered to be Christianity, first came about in ancient Rome. It is said that Rome was not built in a day, and it certainly has lasted long enough to prove that, as even today the strong pillars are continually built upon culminating in a western society full of the timeworn principles of the great Romans.

A government is perhaps the most important aspect of a functioning society. Rome is known for their organized and equal government, just as the western world is known for theirs. In ancient Rome there was a Senate to rule with decrees concurrently during the empirical reigns, while today, in America, there is a Senate in the bicameral legislation. In Britain they have Parliament, which is also equated to the Senate. Most western societies have based their governments on the tried and true methods of the Roman civilization. Roman law was known for being equitable and fair through the old "innocent until proven guilty", which is also arguably the most important right that the United States' Constitution provides. Another aspect of government is military, which, it was noted, the Romans had this...