Was Rome stronger during the republic or the empire? A question answered by looking at the governments of both of these eras of one of the greatest societies on earth.

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Essay: Was Rome Stronger During the Republic or the Empire?

The society of the Roman Republic was very strong while it existed. The first Romans helped to develop the nation that would turn into one of the best empires ever in the history of the world. The people of the Roman Republic set up a strong government, overcame class divisions, and started the conquest of taking over the Mediterranean Sea Region.

The key to a strong society is having good leaders, and Rome's leaders were in their well-constructed government system. Two consuls headed up the government of the Republic. The consuls were the chief executive officers of the Roman Republic. They were chosen annually by voting done by the citizens of Rome. This annual election helped with the problem of succession, which would be experienced later by the Romans in the Empire. The main jobs of the consuls were to administrate the government and head the Roman Army into battle.

The possessed a thing called imperium, or the right to command. Another officer also held imperium in the Republic, the praetor. When the consuls were out leading the Roman Army on the battlefield, the praetor would then become the administrator of the government. This is another advantage that the Republic system of government held over the Empire system in Rome; there was someone to take over and run the city and the government when the head of the government was not around. The primary function of the praetor, however, was the execution of justice. In other words, he was the chief magistrate. The senate was another important part of the Republic. Although not set up to be very important, they became that way due to the prestige the senators held. The Senate was a group of three hundred men,