Romeo & Juliet Movie: A Descriptive Paragraph on their First On-Screen Meeting

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Flashes of bright lights, greens, yellows, reds...mixing together...spinning, dancing...overwhelming the soul and mind's eye. Captivating, titillating and over-stimulating, the music surrounds him, the voices rising and falling to a conductor's chaotic direction...Everything stops. The soothing calm drips off his nose in fat drops and he lets the warm, slightly stale air dry his self-saturated head. Something glistens over in the corner of the room and it catches his peace-seeking eye. The blues have a calming effect on his psyche and the noise that had aggravated his being seem to have died in favor of a throaty, rhythm-and-blues induced voice. And as the crooner's aching, lovelorn melody swells into the corners of the house; he becomes entranced with the multitudinous tank of blue. Striking and yet completely placid yellows, greens and electric blues swish in and out of the water paradise, creating a place for his thoughts to retreat into. As the liquid swirls around the dreamy fish and his tumultuous ponderings begin to abate, another human reflection suddenly materializes.

In a reverent awe he allows himself to explore the facial construction of the captivating young maiden. Her eyes appear to be as blue as the water in front of him and he begins to lose himself in them just as he did in the enthralling underwater kingdom. Gold flecked strands of silk cascade down over her touchable, ivory skin and her lips curve into a mirror image of his apparent approval. In his flustered mind, he finds his thoughts tainted with desire, passion, and longing...his hand, quaking a bit...reaches out to touch the glass that separates the young courter from his Juliet.