Romeo: Underestimated Love.

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Romeo: Underestimated love.

To speak of love is to speak from within a soul. Romeo speaks of such passion, but does not prove it. Throughout the scenes it is proven over and over again. When we first meet Romeo he is depressed and disheartened. The tone of his voice and his idea upon of things shows that he believes that there is no reason to live without his dear Rosoline. He speaks of her by, comparing her to the moon, the sun and beauty saying things such as the moon envy's you. Romeo then meets Juliet and also compares her to the same things as he did to Rosaline. He then says he can not remember Rosaline is unconcerned for her and Juliet is now his world. With his 'loved filled' lines and knowing her for lest then 24 hours, he then tries to confirm his love for Juliet by asking for her hand in marriage.

Following the question, many lines of comparison of moon and beauty are said, but neither of them actually say the words 'I love you.' Juliet does ask him part way through the scene but he does not answer, readers themselves do not really catch that part since it is assumed to already be said whereas it has not. Numerous lines said by both of them are showing how much affection they have for each other which is nice, but to jump into a marriage is too much. For the amount of time they knew each other and the experience they had, they would not know exactly how much change can come out of this. Romeo-the lover, as many would say seems to be a kind and considerate person filled with love and a growing heart, but he also seems to blow things out of proportion manly when he is in 'love' which seems to be whenever he meets a woman. When Romeo realized that he is banished, he consummates the marriage between him and Juliet, then leaves never to return back to see her, to mail to her or even to make plans to see her. Saying he is a man and all is; being able to fall in love with some one-devoting your life to them and they should have enough meaning to you for you to have certain duties to accomplish. One would be to honour the partner-Juliet, which he has failed to do he left her and did not even check on her. He also knew that her marriage was to be planned to Pairs, had he not though of that situation? To believe in true love is to understand your companion and to think about them contently and try, as hard as possible to see them even if worst come to worst, and in Romeo's case sadly worst had come to worst, and if they sayings are true; love will show a way-love failed in this situation, the Friar showed a way. Friar Laurence had to take the initiative, upon making their marriage work, he had planned out the meeting of the two, the escape in which they would have to take, as well as took the initiative to tell the parents what had happed to their children. Romeo; a misguided voice of a child, he seems to feel the love, but does not understand the true meaning of real passion give it sometime and he would have had the opportunity to feel and experience it.