A Rose For Emily

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III. A Rose for Emily ?A Rose for Emily? handles its theme of the traditions and myths of the Old South very well. Emily, a very disturbed and insane southern woman lives her life shielded by her father and society. As a woman, she is supposed to be a lady and nothing more. Her father keeps her completely isolated from society which over time makes her completely insane, making her not unlike many other oppressed women of her time. This isolation is seen again and again in literature, one perfect example being The Yellow Wallpaper. The Yellow Wallpaper shows how man?s domination and control over women result in insanity and perversity. With the death of Emily?s father, her life becomes very disgusting and perverse but the townspeople never confront her because of her family?s tradition of status in the eyes of the town. This acceptance of Emily and her peculiar ways because of her family?s position in the town is clearly shown in the story when her father dies, when she ask for the arsenic she is so easily given by the druggist, and the covering up of the awful smell coming from her house.

In the beginning of the story Emily?s father, the well respected businessman of the town passes away. All of Emily?s life has been lived in seclusion from the outside world. She has been guarded by her father, but is now all alone except for her servant Tobe. The death of her father shows how her sheltered and controlled life has taken its toll and driven this young southern woman to insanity. She does not accept her father?s death and tries to hold on to him because he is her sense of security. She keeps her father right at the table just as if...