Sacred Ground

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The name of my novel is sacred ground, the author is Barbara Wood. It was published by St. Martins Press in 2001. There are 340 pages in this fiction adventure and the genre is romance.

Sacred Ground is the seamless tapestry of rich colors and tales, woven by a master, and presented with elegance, and to its greatest effect. A page-turning, enthralling, and moving read.

There are two protagonists in my novel. The first protagonist is Dr. Erica Tyler. She is an archaeologist for the state of California, which is were the present part of the book takes place. Erica has been buried away in unimportant, boring, low profile projects for months. She is in the hopes of waiting out the scandal caused by a very public mistake of hers a year ago. Erica is a middle aged women with short brown hair and green eyes. She is passionate, considerate, outgoing, determined, and always lends a helping hand.

She is round and dynamic. There is evidence of this in the book when she starts to view life in a different perspective and because of how she has many conflicting traits. Now she finds herself in Topanga, at the heart of the biggest archaeological find in recent history, and she will do anything to protect it. Even do battle with her old nemesis, Jared Black. Which leads us to our next protagonist...Jared. He is a lawyer, and he's heavily involved with the Native American Heritage Commission, dedicated to protecting Indian burial sites from "desecration" by archaeologists. He's also a man haunted by his own ghosts. They won't let him rest, and they won't let him stop fighting Erica at every turn. Jared is a native man with long black hair and dashing good looks. He is round and dynamic. There...