"SAT" by Danielle Ofri

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In a life of poverty, illnesses surround its inhabitant. From poor nutrition to unfit living conditions come afflictions that range from a cough to polio. And as a society we preoccupy ourselves with the short comings of poverty. Creating a revolving door at hospitals treating the poor for their present illnesses, but paying no mind in preventing them for the future. In Danielle Ofri's "SAT," Ofri describes her experience as a doctor treating an impoverished unambitious young man, Nemesio Rios. Instead of just following up on Rios' routine check up, Ofri decides to prepare Rios for the SAT so that he could have a chance to go to college. For educational preparation is the preventative medicine for ones future well being because improving ones economical status increases their overall health. However, with Rios' situation Ofri recalled the image of a corpse she had seen long ago that reminded Ofri of Rios, which motivated Ofri to help Rio.

But, with Rios being so lazy would he, when left alone, follow through with the SAT. Or where Ofri's efforts was just a tip of the iceberg? From this experience Orfi learned the much more important meaning of preventative medicine.

Nemesio Rios was an openly lazy disillusioned young man. He had unrealistic goals that he himself did not believe in. His desire of playing professional basketball fell short of realistic along with his second choice of being a comic book artist. Rios shot himself down with the idea of himself becoming a professional basketball player saying that he was to short t play professionally. As for Rios second idea of becoming a comic book artist Rios demonstrated a lack of enthusiasm or decisiveness. It was as if he was indifferent to what he wanted to do for the rest...