A satire on the usefullness of mirrors in society.

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Everyday we overlook this item, as we look it over. Everyday we ignore the attractiveness of this object as we inspect the level of our own. No matter the circumstance, chances are you will utilize the features of this under appreciated object before you even leave the comforts of your own home each morning. It has both fueled the most pompous of people and been a deterrent to the most modest, but the mirror is something that undeniably plays an integral part in every person's life.

Be it a passing glance or an awe-inspiring stare the entire human race has a small obsession with the mirror and the way their images reflect off it. Not everyone is in love with the mirror though. I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend, Mark Neurorh-Pierpaoli, on the topic of mirrors and everyday life and this is what he had to say.

"I HATE MIRRORS! I LOATHE MIRRORS! Mirrors are the bane of my existence! Everyday I get up and look into one and am constantly reminded, I am Mark Neurorh-Pierpaoli." Some sad and pathetic words indeed, from a sad and pathetic friend.

Of course, not everyone hates mirrors. In fact, mirrors have benefited mankind greatly in innumerable ways. Like if there were a piece of food on your face, without a mirror it would be almost impossible to wipe off. If we didn't have mirrors everyone would look like crap. Period. Think about it; your girlfriend would look like she does when she wakes up in the morning. Wait a minute, but so would you. In fact, the entire world would look like they just rose out of bed. You wouldn't have to waste time waiting for your girlfriend to do her hair, and maybe you could finally catch the first...