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Essay: Say "Yes" The short story by Tobias Wolff, "Say Yes", its about Wife that is arguing aganist her husband's opinion while there washing and drying dishes. The husbands opinion was that blacks should not marry whites and all races should marry the same race. After they were done washing dishes still argued untile they were lying in there beds in the dark. The switchuations that are going to be dicussed are the Symbol, Character, and Iorny.

The best symbol that was used are the dishes in this case because the dishes brought them to together at the end of the day and they would talk. Each time the wife would argue while her temper was high, she would stop washing the dishes. "...she said, and began washing the bowl again,..."pg.13. The dishes also got them closer to knowing each other better because the wife now knows her husband is racist against somethings."If

you had been black we probably wouldn't have met."pg.14.

The Husband wasn't the person that he appeared to be because he worked, lived on the same streets and went to the same school as blacks. No one would think he would be racist It shows he loves wife but if he goes if shes was black they wouldn't never met. Its hard to change his opinion. It showed by how his wife couldn't change his opinion at all even if she gave him cinerao were she was black. It also showed that he wasn't a strong man because he got scared when the intruoder was inside his home. It's hard to say if he's dynamic or flat character but it seems like hes flat characer.

The Inconclusion, people should marry anyone they want but most cultures or relegions that people beleife in don't like...