Scared, Alone and Unloved

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Growing up in a single parent home with an alcoholic mother was a very fearful and lonely part of my life. I was always scared and very confused. Just about everyday I felt like I was hated, abandoned, unloved, and unwanted. I lived with my mom, 3 brothers, and her numerous boyfriends in Odessa, FL. It was a very small town where everyone knew everyone else's' business but no one dared to get into my moms. My moms life was revolved around her alcohol, no where in the picture did she have time for us kids or being a part of our everyday life. She was always either gone at work, partying at he bars or on vacation some where with someone other than us.

I do not remember much of my childhood but the things that stand out most are the times when I needed her and she wasn't there for me.

I struggled in school and was in alternative education classes. There were many nights when I needed help with homework and she was always too drunk to help me, or she simply wasn't interested. I cannot ever remember a time when my mom overlooked my homework or even my report cards she would sign them or even at times ask me to sign them for her.

My mom worked everyday in the banks and in mortgage companies making a very good living for us and took good monetary care of us, but she was never emotionally there for us. The only time during the week mornings before school we would see her is if she forgot to leave lunch money out and we would have to knock on her door as she got ready for work to get it from her. And boy, what a catastrophe...