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Have you experienced something that has altered your life or has made you feel as though you are an outcast or different from everyone else? For me that experience happened a year ago in February. My boyfriend, Phil, and I had just broke up, it was my senior year, and I had moved out of my parents home and into my sisters house four months before hand. I was just going through a lot, not only the depression from my breakup, and feeling lonely, but also from a disorder I had called Anorexia which later turned in to bulimia.

The beginning of February I was at the end of my rope, and all I wanted was to be happy and to stop hurting the people I loved. So one night while I was sitting there thinking of all the things I could do to change my life and my surroundings I got really sad and upset.

I called Phil thinking he could help me out because he had always done for me. He had always made me happy and made me feel loved and wanted. When I spoke with him he was kind of distant but still we talked, I asked him to come over to my house to see me, he told me no, and that he had a lot of stuff to do so he had to get going. That was a big blow to me at the time. I felt as though he didn't even want to be with me or didn't care for me. I felt all alone and sad. So I decided the only way to make myself happy was if I took a few more of the so called "happy pills" called Prozac. I started out just taking a few at a time...