The Scarlet Letter Motif On Officials Of The Community

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The Officials of the Community Motif In chapter 8 Hester and Pearl meet with Governor Bellingham, Reverend Wilson, Reverend Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth at the Gov.?s house. There, they threaten to take Pearl away from Hester and she turns to Dimmesdale for help. I think this signifies the fact that the officials know that the father of Pearl is a high-ranking official, but they are willing to turn their heads. They probably have at least a little clue who it is, but they don?t WANT TO know.

In chapter 12, Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold in the middle of the night. Reverend Wilson, Dimmesdale?s supposed ?professional father?and cherished friend? passes without giving any sign that he saw him standing on the scaffold. I think this represents the fact that the night hides the sins. Most of the sins that were commited in this time period were committed in the night. I think Wilson represents the fact that the officials KNEW there were sins being committed, but they tried to remain oblivious to it.

They tried to deny it.

In chapter 22, during the Election Day procession, the community officials witness Dimmesdale confess his sin. I think this symbolizes the fact that there?s always a point where you have to stop denying something you know is true. There comes a time when the truth finally comes out and you can?t deny it any longer.