Schizophrenia-Jims Case

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Positive symptoms of Jim's schizophrenia include delusions of grandeur, persecution, and hallucinations. He believed that God gave him a "life-force" in his breath and that he could control people's emotions and behavior. He also thought that he heard God's angels whispering to him that he had been chosen to be the Messiah. Jim also has the most common form of delusion for people with schizophrenia: delusions of persecution. He thought that other people could gain control of his powers and use it for destructive purposes. This led Jim to want to stay home all the time because he was afraid that people would steal his powers.

A negative symptom of Jim's schizophrenia is poverty of speech. At times, he would stare at food during dinner and mumble gibberish whenever his parents would ask him questions. Jim also suffered from social withdrawal because he locked himself in his room all day and did not even come down to eat food with his family.

I don't think Jim really suffered from psychomotor symptoms or catatonia. The case mentioned that he sat at the dinner table, motionless, but I don't think one instance is severe enough to constitute rigid posturing.

Consuela was depressed with her son's symptoms. Jim's parents had high hopes for Jim. Being the smartest one of all the children, winning nation-wide scholastic tests and captain of the chess club, his parents felt Jim would easily become a famous scientist and perhaps the president. Consuela was also alarmed at Jim's belief that he, alone was responsible for Roberto's recovery since he has a direct connection to God. Consuela even had to go to a support group of parents that have children with disorders to get by her days. Roberto felt that Jim was a good for nothing slob and...