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America is based mainly on an individual's freedom to say what they want, speak their minds, and to believe in any religion they want to. School sponsored prayers are prayers that are led by the school, most likely with a Christian belief to it, over the announcements, or another place where everyone has to listen to what is being said. Having school sponsored prayers that all students must listen to has been a very controversial subject. Those who are for it believe that since most people are Christian, it would be all right to go ahead and do prayers in school. Those who are against it believe it may make people who are not Christian feel left out. School prayers should not be allowed because it is against what our nation is built upon, it may single out minorities, and it can create conflict between religions.

The first reason that school prayers should not be allowed to be said at any school sponsored events is because it goes against what our nation is built upon, our Constitution.

In the Constitution, it is stated that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." That means a law which makes an official religion of the United States would be unconstitutional and will never be made. By saying school prayers, that would say that this religion would be the main one within the United States and this is clearly written as illegal. The Constitution has been changed before, that is what amendments are, but this topic is very controversial and it is high doubtable that congress will agree to ratify a new amendment to allow school sponsored prayers. To rush into that kind of decision could create many protesters and possibly create unwanted violence. The Constitution is what has been successfully...