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Coke Test

Introduction: I have set up an experiment to find out weather people can tell one type of coke from another and to see what the favourite coke is. I have chosen vanilla coke, diet coke, caffeine free coke, normal coke, lime coke and Pepsi. For this experiment I have tested 8 people.

Materials: For this experiment you need six cups labelled 1 - 6 and six different types of cokes.


First you must number the cups 1 - 6 and then pour the coke into the cups. You must then list the cokes in order on a sheet of paper, but do not let the person taking the test see the list. Get the person taking the test to write down on a sheet of paper what they think the correct order of the cokes are. Then you must ask the person which coke he/she liked the most (make sure they tell you which number cup they liked the most instead of which coke, this will find the correct answer.)

After the person has written down all of his/her answers you compare the correct answer to the answers that have been written down.

Coke Test

Type of Coke Amount correct Favourite coke

Vanilla coke 8 out of 8 1 out of 8

Diet coke 0 out of 8 2 out of 8

Normal coke 4 out of 8 5 out of 8

Lime coke 4 out of 8 0 out of 8

Caffeine free coke 0 out of 8 0 out of 8

Pepsi 3 out of 8 0 out of 8



According to my coke test vanilla coke is the most easily recognised coke with every body able to identify them. Diet and Caffeine free coke were the hardest cokes to recognise with no one being able to...