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The Begging

The Sealed Air Corporation was founded in 1960 and was known to be on of the world's largest premier protective and specialty packing companies. It produced a wide range of products such as Bubble Wrap, cushioning, Instapak foam-in-place, Aircap and many others high tech packaging systems. During the 1970s, Sealed Air began to expand outside the US, brining its product into Canada, Western Europe and Asia. Over the years Sealed Air had constantly grown through, increasing sales as well as acquisitions of companies offering complementary product lines, to achieve in 1996 net sales of 790$ million and an annual return on Sealed Air's common stock 48.66%. "By 1997, Seale Air's principal packaging products were sold under a variety of registered names and trademarks, many of which were patent protected...President and CEO Dermot Dunphy was a firm believer that "[t]he best safeguard of competitiveness is technological differentiation that offers clear value advantages to the customer."

Undoubtedly one of the main factors that distinguished this company from others was its organizational culture, which sought to balance hard work for the company with the needs and development of the individual. This is why Sealed Air had a relatively streamlined organizational structure, it was "akin to a flat pyramid" with only tow or three levels between top management and front-line employees. An equally important aspect of the firms culture was that it was mainly based on empowerment but in return the company expected full commitment from the worker "They Live [the Sealed Air culture] and breath it". It is also important to denote that the company[for that time] had an innovative approach to selling and costumers, the task of the sales force was to get to know the customer and identify his needs.

Sealed Air Taiwan

Founded in 1984 was a...