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Lives & Belts

Last year a driver (name unknown) was killed in an automobile accident by being thrown from his vehicle. In today's society, it is a necessity to drive, and with this necessity comes a duty to enforce that the driver and his passengers, wear the proper restraints.

Some people protest against wearing seat belts using the basis of the right to choose, which I commend. They state the government has over stepped their bounds. However, the seat belt bill was put to vote and passed with overwhelming numbers making it a law. With this being said, it seems the right to choose was chosen by the majority.

Others claim that seat belts are uncomfortable and not necessary. I agree that some seat belts are indeed uncomfortable. To these people I suggest buying a different automobile that they do find comfortable. All automobiles are not made the same.

I further suggest that they contact the automobile manufacturer and inform them of the flaw in their design. If they can find a suitable restraint, they will find them selves feeling more secure within their mode of transportation.

Life is indeed precious. I feel the seat belt law helps to affirm this fact. Before this law, thousands if lives were being lost year after year by people being thrown around inside a vehicle or worse yet being ejected from the vehicle. I'm sure if you asked the ones saved by wearing the seat belts, they would agree that the law is a necessity.

It's hard to imagine anything worse than getting a knock on your door and receiving the bad news of a loved one's death. However, what is worse is finding you protested against the law that might have saved their life.