Second Hand smoke

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There are three types of smokers in the world: the committed smoker, the sneaky smoker and the social smoker. All three of those smokers cause a lot of harm to their own bodies. All three of them are slowly killing themselves, one puff at a time. The problem is that some of them do not realize that they are killing not only themselves but many people around them. The social smoker is the biggest culprit of this problem. At a restaurant when someone picks up a cigarette, puts it to their mouth, and starts to blow, the smoke carries to the surrounding people who are now infected by a cigarette they did not choose to smoke. The committed smoker smokes more often causing more harm to his own body, but also to the people that surround him, like his family, his children and his friends. Lastly, the sneaky smoker causes harm to himself, less often than the other two, but still he causes damage.

He is less of a culprit for second hand smoke but if the smoke contacts his clothing and then he contacts someone else the smoke still spreads. Second hand smoke causes over 50,000 people to die in the US every year (Hirschhorn). In addition, second hand smoke is an enormous and complex problem and something needs to be done about it. It is not okay for non-smokers' bodies to be harmed because of someone else's actions.

I have been a victim of second hand smoke my entire life. When I was a little girl I would stand on the front porch with my father and wait for my mother to come outside. I did this many times before I was told that standing by my father while he puffed on his cigarettes was a...