Second Language Advantages. what are some important advantages to learning a second language and how can a second language be used

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There are many different languages in the world, continent, and our country. Knowing a second language can give a person an edge in our multilingual world. This advantage could be used almost anywhere. These places include the work place, in a foreign province or country, and even in our schools.

Today there are many jobs and occupations that either require or would benefit from a second language. Even simple every day jobs can profit from knowing a new language. For example grocery clerks benefit from their knowledge of a second language by being able to help customers that do not no English and need help finding what they need. Taxi drivers also need to know numerous languages to communicate with the customer and to know the destination they intend to go. These are only two examples of speaking a different language and there are many more.

In today's modern transportation age we are able to travel to other cities, countries and continents.

This does create a problem because with traveling to different countries the languages you may travel to a country that does not speak your language. Knowing another language would help you find where you want to go, how to get there, and what you need. There are many languages in the world so next time you travel research what language that country speaks and learn a little just enough to get your point across.

Finally language in the schools. In school the most common use of the second language is to use it in class. However there are other uses including: if you want to say something private to a teacher or friend, find out want your teachers are talking about, and for the really talented use it to write notes to your friends (just make sure...