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One of the greatest events (seemingly) in life is having children. People look forward to that event all of their life. Parents are careful with every little detail. From how the parents hold the baby to what it eats and to how it dresses, it is all done with the kit gloves. Parents can't wait until their children can take their first steps, utter its first words, and finally be able to see the baby's personality. Then after all of that waiting they sometimes regret that they had children.

People without children cannot understand why a parent might say, "I wish I didn't have children." Those with children on the other hand truly understand the statement and in their hearts (on faint occasions) they wish the same thing. In order to understand that feeling all a person have to do is look at three main sources: TV and the law.

In the Bible book of 2 Timothy chapters 3 versus 3 states that children would be unthankful to parents, and also brings out that people will have no natural affection. This applies to our current day when you look at the whole parent-child relationship.

TV sitcoms have come a long way, some for the good and some for the bad. In the past TV shows depicted the parents as being smart, caring people. By the end of the show, the parents were right and had the child's best interest at heart. Also children showed respect. No longer is that the case. Children today are portrayed on TV as the smartest people in the house and that the parents are the ones that need to get a clue. Children on TV no longer show respect to their parents, instead TV displays children as being sarcastic and disrespectful. Naturally when the younger generation sees these TV shows they think to themselves that this is how you are supposed to act. They think telling your mother to shut up is what you are supposed to do. And since TV shows never show children receiving disciplined they think that it is what they, not only can do, but also should do. Sadly though TV sitcoms aren't getting any better, to be more precise it is getting worse. This is a major cause of the disrespect that children show. A parent's reaction to their child insolence is first a one of shock, primarily if that has never happen before, the parents are move to one action.

Discipline is the reaction of parents. Some parents feel that for how a child behaves he should receive some kind of discipline. They feel that this is a way of training children. What I am referring to is spankings and a smack, not in the face but on the thigh or butt. This is according to the bible. So just as the parents are about administer some form of Discipline, something gets in the way of the way parents handle their responsible.

Laws are created to protect the innocent. Laws are supposed to maintain law and order. Yet in today's society, those laws don't apply only to a person's actions in public. Now those laws invade the privacy of a household. The law tells people what can and can't do with their children. Every little thing is considered a form of child abuse. Now when ever a parent tries to discipline their children they have to make sure that they aren't breaking the law. So when children are disrespectful the parents' their hands are tied. Children knowing that the parents can't do anything to Discipline them besides time outs and groundings, children know they can get away with anything. Even to the point that children threaten their parents with calling the authority. Something needs to be done about this.

This writer thinks that all laws concerning child protection laws needs to be done away with. Allowing parents to do whatever they want to their child. If they want to beat the mess out of their children the parents should be allowed to. If the parents see fit to but the children into child slavery then it should be allowed. If children want to be messy and destructive then they need to be flogged. Also if the children are disrespectful and sarcastic then the parents should have all rights to stone their children. If children abuse their parents then they should hanged on a torture stake. Lastly if children fill the need to shoot up their school, then the child should be burned on a stake. Laws like these would do much good.

With laws like these in place the children would be too afraid of disobeying their parents. Children would have an understanding that the parents are ones to be respected, honored and feared. Children would no longer be encourage to disrespectful, defiant, and unappreciative. These are the lessons that society wants to teach children. To have respect for other and to love your neighbor as yourself is that important lesson. And is there a better way of teaching those lessons besides flogging, torture stakes, burnings, slavery, and beatings, indisputably not!!