Segregation in the Mosque

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Segregation is the act of separating two different groups of people, usually based on sex, race or religion. Throughout history, segregation has played a major role in significant issues such as racism. However, it can be seen that segregation has still carried on through the many years that it has existed. A prime example is the segregation of men and women in Islam. Since the beginning of the Islamic religion, women have always been told to pray behind men in the mosque but combined with time, segregation has taken a different turn. Islamic women now face barriers in the mosque and are told to pray in separate rooms away from the men. This segregation in the mosque is not an unfamiliar problem, but has remain unsettled for many centuries. Segregation in the mosque makes praying difficult for some women, but the millions who practice the religion never speak about their views in the matter.

Most remain silent and with this, the segregation continues.

The Prophet Muhammed wanted the mosque to be a place of prayer and worship for the Islamic community but his idea has radically changed since then. The original mosque of the Prophet's was communal, equal and fair. All the women and men would pray together in the same room without any disassociation or estrangement. However, this later changed when the opinion of superiority and inferiority arose. Men considered themselves the superior gender while women were just inferiors to them. Many of the men believed that women were a distraction both physically and spiritually. This caused the commencement of segregation in the mosque. Women would have to pray at the back of the mosque while the men would sit in front of the women. This made praying and learning especially hard for the women as the...