The Seljuk Empire

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The Seljuk Empire In the year 1030 AD a man named Mahmad who was leading a conquest throughout the Middle East was killed in battle. With this man's death a force so powerful that it would change history and the Muslim faith forever. This force was called the Seljuk Empire. These people would make way for a new political system that was badly needed during this period in time. Also the Seljuk Empire led to the creation of sultans in the kingdoms of the Middle East. Not only did the Seljuk's do these things, but they would also change the Muslim religion forever.

As the Seljuk's moved westwards into the crumbling Buyid reign they paved the way for political reforms. Iraq and Persia welcomed the Seljuk changed and allowed them to intervene with the Buyid families' power. The Buyids taxes on the people and this tax money ending up in the hands of political "fat cats" of the time anger the citizens and weakened the Buyid reign.

In this weakened state the Buyid families had no chance to stand up against the power of the Seljuk Empire.

Sultans ruled the Middle East for many centuries after the Seljuk Empire died out. The Fatimids were next on Seljuk's list of conquest. In an attempt to restore political unity in Islam, the Seljuk's created the Sultanate. This centralized monarchy had been tried before and bitterly failed. The Sultanate never fully achieved what it hoped to do, but was still held high as a symbol of "religious legitimacy" by the Turkish converts.

The conquest of the Fatimids not only led to the creation of Sultans, but to a new rise to Sunnite orthodoxy. The orthodox Muslim had never been able to achieve in spreading their religion to others. As the Seljuks swept through the land a leader of an orthodox Muslim clan made a deal with the leader of the Seljuk empire and thus allowing the orthodox belief to spread. This rise of Sunnite orthodoxy also gave the State power to "snuff out" the Shi'ism and Isma'ilism beliefs.

In conclusion the Seljuk Empire led a vital change in the Dark Age of the Middle East. The contributions still affect us today. They allowed new political growth, which is still intact to this date. The Seljuks permitted a way of ruling a nation still used in many places in the world. Without the aid of the Seljuks we would most likely not have orthodox Muslims today. The Seljuk reign changed our history forever.