Sensory Experiences

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It was a warm spring day after school. My friend and I just got back from school and we were walking to his house. We were both little and at the time having a Kool-Aid stand seemed like a perfect idea. So my friend and I got as much money together as possible. We did pretty good, I don’t remember the exact amount of course but I do know it was more then 20 bucks. So anyway with the day being so hot that the sweat got our clothes so soaked that they stuck to our skin it seemed like the perfect plan. So we went to the store and got all kinds of colorful packets of Kool-Aid, red, purple, green, blue, even some colors that really have a name. We came back and start mixing all the radiant colors in glass jugs. The smell of fruit punch and many other flavors made our mouth water.

With our jugs of fruity mixes and the feel of a fresh spring breeze on our face nothing was going to stop us. After about an hour of hearing cars rushing past with only a few stopping, we knew we needed to get bigger. With that in mind, we called up some friends and listening to the silent and anticipating sound of the phone ringing made the day seem all the longer. When we heard the common “Hello?” we wasted no time in telling every one else our plan. Before we knew it the empty drive way was filled with vans and cars of almost every color. Then one of our good friends pointed out our fatal flaw. The Kool-Aid was sugarless which left an incomplete sour taste. We all laughed and soon fixed our flaw. After that we had cars almost lined up to devour our fruitful glasses of refreshment.

We all walked back to the house with empty glasses and glowing smiles, and for that brief moment it seemed that this experience would never end.

*didn't use any sources other then my memories