Service Request: Taking Kudler Fine Foods Online

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AbstractWell-known in the Southern California coastal cities between Los Angeles and San Diego, Kudler Fine Foods has offered the finest in gourmet foods for the past decade. Entrepreneur Kathy Kudler watched her vision grow into a successful regional business that provides a wide selection of the freshest ingredients and tools a gourmet cook could ever want. As Kudler Fine Foods reaches its 10th Anniversary, the business needs to head in a new direction. In order to expand its business outside of its current marketplace, Kudler Fine Foods must be taken on-line. This is the opportunity for Kudler to increase its business exponentially, and build a wider customer base.

Service Request: Take Kudler Fine Foods OnlineKudler Fine Foods has been a successful business venture for the past decade. Founder Kathy Kudler created the one-stop gourmet food shop in 1998 as a location that cooks could gather all the ingredients and tools needed for fine cooking, without having to shop several locations.

Following up on the success of her charter store in La Jolla, California, Kathy opened two more stores in Southern California since 2000. The goal of Kudler Fine Foods is to provide customers with the finest selection of affordable foods and wines so that connoisseurs can prepare superb and delicious gourmet meals. For the past 10 years, Kudler Fine Foods has built a loyal customer base and a stellar reputation for its superior products. However, Kudler's business has been limited to the three current store locations, and the patrons who shop there. The stores are also only open a limited number of hours each week (50 hours total), and business at each of those locations has peaked. In order for Kudler Fine Foods to expand its business outside of its current marketplace and in an attempt to stay ahead...