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Set-aside programs are fully justified. Set-aside programs that work in support of affirmative action are designed to create equal opportunity, and establish a system for Companies to employ a percentage of businesses owned by minorities groups. This is beneficial to some and, can be harmful to others. If a specific percentage of work must be contracted to specific groups of individuals, not able to perform the work, and others not classified as minority group but more competent or more able to complete the necessary job. We examines set-aside programs using utilitarian and deontological considerations, and programs involving affirmative action, particularly those of set aside programs, are necessary, and are morally acceptable.

Utilitarian view: Those employees that are classified as minority groups would be fully justifiable to be hired as long as they are fully qualified. This action is an attempt to close the gap between minority and white groups, it also gives the opportunity for minority groups such as Veterans that otherwise would not be hired by the private sector to be hired.

As we discuss on the subject of “discrimination” we do discriminate when in the process of hiring, whether is below the surface or not, it often happens as companies always look for not only the best qualify candidate but also the best fit for the job or the work group.

I have experienced situations in which the Company brings the team to interview a potential candidate, if one or two members of the team does not like any traits of the new potential employee, just base of their first observation, this individual potentially will not be hired. We must preserved the image of our Organization, by no means, we must not permit that people perceive that we are more incline to hire minority or not...