Seven Dwarfs Personality

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I act like almost all of the seven dwarfs. Surprisingly, I act most like Doc, but I also have characteristics of some of the other dwarfs too. I have Dopey's uniqueness and stupidity at times, Bashful's shyness, Doc's intelligence, and Sleepy's lethargy. When you want to or have to, you'll probably act like all of the dwarfs at least once in your life.

I reflect most of my character towards Doc. I strive to learn more and obtain the knowledge I learn, like him, but I can only remember so much. I remember enough information for me to make good grades on tests at least. Everyone that ever taught me in school has always thought that I was smart and recommended me for gifted programs like Apex and G.A.T.E. I like to be in-charge, not like a master or anything, but I hate it when somebody makes me do something that is not necessary or does not need to be completed right away.

Another dwarf I think shows my characteristics extremely well is Dopey. I am unique and do not like doing things like "everybody else." I do not talk the same way, dress the same way, or even look like anybody else. I may act a little stupid or weird at times, but I think everyone feels stupid or dumb at least once in his or her life.

Unlike the other dwarfs I have just mentioned, Bashful acts like me around people or in situations that I would not feel comfortable acting like myself in. His characteristics show my shy, bashful, quiet side. Luckily for me, a lot of my friends do not act as shy as I do, so they give me confidence to speak up in class, actually talk during class discussions, etc.

Besides Doc, Dopey, and Bashful, I have Sleepy's characteristics too. Most of the time, I need sleep because I will get exhausted if I do not get enough. During class, church, or something that gets boring after ten minutes, I might accidentally fall asleep. I get drowsy just thinking about sleep.

The dwarfs I act like the most are Doc, Dopey, Bashful, and Sleepy. You can act like any dwarf if you had to or wanted to. Sometimes you might even have the personality of every dwarf. My intelligence, stupidity at times, uniqueness, shyness, and drowsiness are all exhibited in these four dwarfs. Even though Doc reflects my personality the best, I act like all of the dwarfs in some way.