Several Characters of 'Effective Communication' Concerning the Task of Management

Essay by KasselMaggieB, April 2004

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With the pace of globalization of world economy in 1990's, the business world has radically changed. Compared with former one, today's marketplace is enormously more complex. More markets become deregulated and boundaries blurred. Domestic market, at one time safe from foreign competitors, is now the aim of giant global company as well as global niche specialists. Recent advances in information technology have an extreme impact on modern society. Such temporal and spatial differences, however, will be no longer the problem for business. New products are launched at one special place and are available worldwide in a relatively short time. Savvy companies realize that a radical revolution is taking place and globalization has triggered new operation standards. From internal point of view, the works in the company become based mainly on teamwork and more diverse departments must cooperate with each other to achieve a common goal. Thus, effective internal communication is the key for organizational success.

From external point of view, under today's business conditions it is very difficult to succeed by yourself, you need to build strategic alliance with other enterprises. Thus you can make best use of the scarce resources and only stress your own strength in the competition. In this case, it is essential to master communication and negotiation skills during cooperation. In a word, effective communication is a fundamental component of enterprise success whether it is at the interpersonal, intergroup, intragroup, organizational, or external levels. Also, it is the central task of management work.


Communication means a sharing of elements of behaviour, or modes of life, by the existence of sets of rules of sign usage. (Cherry, 1980) If you communicate with someone, you share or exchange information with them, for example by speaking, writing, or using equipment. Although as social animals, all of us...