Sex and Violence in Popular Culture

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Sex and violence can be seen in many different ways in popular culture. It is not limited to the actions seen in everyday life. It can be seen in many different places. However, although sex and violence in popular culture is simply a manifestation of the populous' evolution, it can still be seen to many as a problem for children because it forces them to grow up too soon.

Public broadcast on television portrays a great amount of sex and violence on a daily basis. It can be seen in seemingly innocent things like cartoons. There is no way that the superhero can capture the villain without exerting a certain degree of violence. Then there's the super heroin that goes undercover and tries to seduce the villain with her body language. It may not be seen as much, and perhaps it isn't a lot, but it is still there.

Children may not be able to decipher this at an early stage, but the implantation is there for future incidents.

Cartoons are not the only ones that display a sexual and violent connotation on public broadcast television. There's always that certain show that displays their cast members with very little clothing. Such shows are the ones that are based on beaches. There's always the occasional, and sometimes not so occasional, slow motion takes. These can be seen as a tool to better emphasize the sexual connotation. Of course, no good show is complete without a struggle coming to a conclusion after a violent scene or two. This is where the children can better see the sexual and violent elements that happen in real life. This sparks the imagination in them.

A more common show on public television that children have quick access to...