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What is sexism? Why did it happen in our society? Why dose sexism consider as a social problem? And how should we solve such problem... There are so many questions are being asked about sexism. Men and women are two very distinct creatures; they have so many things in difference, such as the biological, psychological, and physical. Yet men and women are created equal by nature. Even though men and women are born equally, one thing that is very clear to everyone is sexism is everywhere in our society now. According to the textbook by Skolnick and Currie, it states that "...the struggle for real equality between the sexes is hardly over... although the idea of male supremacy may be on the way out in most industrialized nations, there is still, in many respects, a long way to go."

Over the years, gender discriminations have lessened, nerveless, gender problems still exist.

Sexism is a direct product of our mere differences. Because of our differences, people tend to judge one person only by his or her sex or make fun when other people are not the same sex as they do, even worse some men are using violence abuse against women. In the article of "The Tactics and Strategies of Men Who Batter", it states that "In the 1990s, after two decades of renewed feminist activism, violence by men against their intimate partners in more visible than ever before." As a result, the reason why sexism is considered as an important topic in our society is because it harms not only those people who suffer from it, but also because of its unbalance and inequity, it harms the whole society in many ways.

Because of the difference in history, culture, and family value, the gender role of Chinese families are very...