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Rex Forehand and Beth Kotchier (1999). Adolescent Sexual Behavior in Two Ethnic Minority Journal of Marriage and Family, February, 85-98 I.INTRODUCITON Sexual behavior in adolescents has been increasing over the past several decades. Forehand and Kotchier showing how communication between parents and adolescents affects the sexual behavior of two minority groups (Blacks and Hispanics) performed a research study. The two minority groups where selected from two high schools in Montgomery, Alabama (259 blacks), two high schools in New York City (172 Blacks and 216 Hispanics), and a final high school group from San Juan, Puerto Rico (260 Hispanics). The study was directed at teens between the ages of 14-16 and their relationship with their mothers. Most of the data collected was gathered between October of 1993 and June of 1994 from a group of 907 eligibly dyads. The importance of the study is to help distinguish if there is a direct relationship between Structural and Process variables in adolescent sexual activity.

II. THEORIES and III REVIEW OF THE LITEATURE Forehand and Kotchick (1999) created a study of the role of family variables and their effect that they played on the sexual behavior of adolescents. The study helps support the hypothesis that both family structural variable and family process variable intensively help predict intercourse activity in teens. The way the modal presents the results of the study is by breaking up the variables into seven basic sub-groups. The Structural variables the first three of these sub-groups contain 1) family income, 2) maternal education, and 3) martial status. The study revels that both maternal education and family income scores where standardized due to unequal intervals. There was a simple generalization of marital status, married or not married. It is believed that the family structural variable is not significant to teen sexual intercourse...