"The Shadow of a Gunman": A Different Look

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Journal Entry # 2

The Shadow of a Gunman

Sean O'Casey

As I read through the play for the second time, I begin to find small things that I missed the first time. The second reading of this play allows me to really see how the other characters "tip-toe" around Davoren. From what I can see, they are all unaware that Davoren is not with the gunmen and is simply playing them to make himself appear tough. For example, on Page 97, Minnie says, "Hurry up, Mr. Gallicker, an' don't be keeping Mr. Davoren." I think this shows that Minnie doesn't want Davoren to get upset or frustrated with anyone. Davoren could have simply said that it was no big deal but he plays the "tough guy" role out to intimidate the others. Another thing that I noticed is that everyone always seems to just drop by without any notice or permission whatsoever.

For example, Minnie simply walks in, hardly knowing Davoren at all. The same goes for Tommy Owens, Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Gallicker. None of them want to make Davoren wait but they all don't mind just walking into the house. So far, Davoren doesn't seem to change much other than the fact that he is thought to be a gunman and a dangerous person. He likes the idea of being dangerous around the other tenants and this shows when he is asked about it.

The setting of the play has been all in the home of Davoren and Seumas. Minnie says that it is dirty and messy (Page 93) so I assume that they are generally quite unorganized and dirty. Minnie offers to clean it but Davoren throws that idea right out the window by saying that "you're too pretty for that sort of work." The...